Twitter Ideas

Twitter you please need to give me the ability to archive a tweet. When I am looking at my Twitter feed I only want to see new tweets. Give me the ability to look at a unfiltered list if I want but let me ask you a question… Do you just read emails and leave them in your inbox forever? No, Most people who are organized will file them or at least put them into a folder so that you know anything in your inbox needs to be dealt with or read. I am an organized person and if I read a tweet and I don’t care to see it on my feed anymore then I want to take it out of my feed. If you did this when I open Twitter I will only see tweets that are new or that I want to deal with. Every time I use this program it makes no sense to me why people use the program here is everything you have read plus some new stuff, have fun sorting through it! I get the idea behind it but such little things that would make this product 10x better are forgotten.



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