BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2 Beta Install link [Updated]

Well I think everyone was quite upset that the new PlayBook OS 2 was not released when Mike L left the stage on Tuesday morning. I was quite excited to watch the live coverage and was also a bit disappointed to get nothing more then an announcement that BBX was the new platform name. With that said this expectation for RIM to release the new OS was my own fault, RIM has said nothing that it was going to be released, so this was just BlackBerry community hype that caused me to think it would be. Even though we did not get a public released of the BlackBerry Tablet OS 2 we did get something. RIM has allowed curious people and developers to download a beta version of the OS, I was happy to at least get something to play with. The current OS just feels so stale to me now and needs so many improvements, so it is worth losing Bridge applications to get this new OS. To be quite frank I like the fact that bridge is there but I don’t think I use it very often because my BlackBerry is never more then 1 foot away from me at all times.


So I decided to make the leap and see what was up with the new OS. After doing a bit of searching I found the link to register for the PlayBook OS 2 download. The page was kind of hard to find so for everyone else here is the link I for one cannot believe how simple RIM has made this process. If you want to test out the new Beta OS all you need to do is go to the above site  and enter the PIN of your PlayBook. Once you PIN has been added that’s it!  RIM will process your request and then an update will be made available to you on your Tablet. One click and you are done! HOLLY CRAP RIM……. thank you, thank you, thank you,  for listening and making a process easy!


So I will be toying around to see if and what has changed, and if it is worth keeping on till the public release comes out. One thing I wanted to test was if when bridged that the internet connection still works to my BlackBerry or if everything that uses BlackBerry Bridge is dead. I know you can’t use the bridge apps but have not read about bridged internet connection. Mind you I have read some places that say you can use your browser to access the bridged applications still ( .



I will update my post when I have more information.


Update: Please see my post here on the OS 2 updates



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  • Blackberry User

    Well done, this was super useful. Downloading OS2 as I type!

    • Great! Glad I can help.

  • Caspan.  Has it been worthwhile to download the beta version?

    • Yes it was. I am a very tech guy and it was well worth it for me to see the changes. For normal people I have to say “this is a beta” it will possibly crash no matter who tells you its stable it’s not meant for daily use. With that said many use it just fine from day to day, I did use the OS for a while but had some issues with not being able to load some applications and it causing some crashes. I was always wondering if errors I was getting was from beta or from the program. So I got what I needed from it and the release date was not that far away so I am a patient man.

  • Ravi

    Caspan, I have upgraded it to OS2 (510 MB) file. what else i need to do to access android.

    • This is where the developer Beta part come in, this OS was not designed for public consumption just yet. The Android Player is already installed. To install an Android application you now have to take an original Android package and change it to a PlayBook installer. Once done that you have to use your sync cable and put you device in Dev mode to install the app from your PC or MAC to the PlayBook. Again not very friendly but this was not designed for click play yet.
      Once OS2 is officially launched you will have Android applications in App World and they will click and install just like any other application in App World. But until then and you are a developer that wants to make sure your app can run on the PlayBook you can do it the way I mentioned above.
      Its not pretty or easy but once you do it a few times there is nothing to it and if you understand why you have to do it it makes even more sense. For now I would just enjoy the cosmetic changes in the OS and new features unless you are really techy and want to fight with studf even dev find difficult at times
      Here is an article from CrackBerry that explains how to do it
      Hope this helps!

  • Usman

    I just got it and I love it! These are some features I found:
    -smaller keyboard
    -minimized apps look different
    -FOLDERS!!!! you can now put your apps in folders :O
     -I think the LED is in use now (I went to sounds & notifications in the settings and found out that you can have glow and/or LED notifications… need to do some more research on that)
    -you can change your Blackberry ID
    -Word, and Excel now is called Word to go

    More coming soon hopefully!

    • Glad you like it, if you follow my link in the post above, you will see I did complete a list of things I have found with pictures new in OS 2

  • guest

    does any one knw an easy way how to download it

    • RIM made this dead simple, use the link above to register your PIN then give it a few minutes and check your OS updates on your PlayBook and download it. Could not be any simpler!

  • Jack Sargent93

    The update isn’t coming through? Why? :/ Cheers!

    • If you have done the sign up there is an issue sometimes where it does not come through. I know there is a post at RIMs Support forum where you can PM a employee that will force it for you. I will try to find it for you. I know I had to do it myself the first time.