Voicemail Icon not showing in the Hub or in Hub Management

Voicemail-FeaturedImageWe had a user whose voice mail icon would not show in the hub or peak, when looking in Hub Management settings there was not ever an option in there to turn it on or off like the other devices had. It was like voice mail was not even an option for the hub to display!! After calling our carrier Rogers, it turns out that Rogers had to send what they called a “Network Level Flush or Resend to Switch” command to the device while it was still powered on and then I did a battery pull and the voice mail icon was back under Hub Management settings and in the hub and peak.

I hope this helps anyone else that is having this issues that the voice mail icon will not show up and is not an option to display in the Hub Management.


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  • resend to switch is oldschool switch command. The reason is a glitch in Rogers’ Vision 21 (a tuxedo customized platform that all providers use), not properly updating the switch with features that your particular user has. BlackBerry is amongst the few smartphones when something is missing from the billing system (Vision 21/ Tuxedo) or the switch (it takes precedence) then the smartphone will not even show it as an option to be selected.

    Always has been with BB’s since the 7290, and always will be. Mobile Computing Platform.

    • Thanks for the response. I have no idea what you just wrote, but sounds very technical. I think Rogers has shoe horned so many systems into theirs I am surprise how it works.