Gardening, Life Hack

I was out watering the plants the last few days and the hose had a simple spray attachment that was like a rain head, It was nice but it really lowered the pressure of the water so it took about an hour to water all the flower beds. I then thought “hey let’s put a ball valve on the end of the hose and use the instead of this rain head attachment!” I tired just a ball valve for a day and it was great. Open the ball valve just a bit and you get a spray effect (like holding your finger over the end of the hose) This was great for plants further back in the garden bed. But for really close plants you could peal the flowers off them with so much pressure. I could turn the tap down but then i have to run back and forth.. not a prefect solution. Then I started to kink the hose to lower the pressure for the closer plants but watering plants for 30 minutes doing this can hurt your hand. Then it hit me… why not put two ball valves on it with a small chunk of hose to allow the water to assemble again! This give me best of both worlds, I can have high pressure for the far away plants, and low pressure for the closer plants by playing with the two valves. This makes watering so much easier!


Hope you enjoy…..


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