Cool Website Idea

While shopping for a TV the other day I came up with a great idea that either I’m hoping already exists and someone can direct me to a site or take the idea and throw me a few $$$ for the idea. Most¬†big box¬†stores and major resellers of electronics will give price¬†guarantees on products you buy. This is great because Christmas¬†is a short time away and most stores are extending these offers of price matching to the new year. This allows you buy your stuff ahead of time and if you see the price drop for¬†Christmas¬†just show prof and get a refund. Problem with this is that sometimes prices drop for weekends sales or week long sales. It’s hard as a consumer to keep checking the sites every day to see if the price has dropped.

I would love to have a Canadian site (US site too for other users) that would allow me to enter my product information like model number and it would search brick and mortar stores within a 100km range of my Postal Code and alert me to price drops at those stores. If for some reason the store was not in the list you could provide a link to the products page on that site and mark where the price is on the page.

This would rock as a consumer to allow me to have someone else do my leg work of going to the sites every X hours to check on price. If the big box stores got on track they could also use this product to make sure their inventory is properly priced to competitors. This could be a really big money maker if you convinced everyone to get on board.

So there it is my idea out there for the taking. Just remember when you see it to say “Hey that was Caspan’s Idea!!!”

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