If you are a user of BlackBerry Messenger Groups you will quickly find that they are the best thing in the world. They keep everyone up to date with a shared calendar, tasks, notes and chat. The chat is the best giving you the ability to talk to the entire group at once. At work we have a¬†BlackBerry¬†Messenger group called “The After 5s” There are a few of us that like going out every so often for a drink at the pubs here in Waterloo. The¬†BlackBerry¬†Messenger group is great for this other then one thing, what happens if you can’t go out because you have a prior¬†engagement? ¬†Typically now from about 3¬†o’clock¬†on you keep getting notifications from your BlackBerry¬†Messenger¬†group because other people in the group are talking about what they want to do when they go out! This drives me nuts because with 10 people in the group and 9 of them all with¬†something¬†to say the notifications get quite bothersome.

My idea would be to create¬†a mute option for a BlackBerry Messenger Groups. This mute option would allow you to silence a selected BlackBerry Messenger group for a settable¬†time. In the case above that you can’t go out and do not want to receive any more alerts ¬†form this BlackBerry¬†Messenger¬†group for the next 8 hours you can set this. You would still receive all the messages from the group but you would not be be¬†alerted¬†by vibration, audio tone, or visual icon. If you wanted to later go and read what others had wrote the entire chat is still there. This would allow you to¬†essentially¬†ignore the BlackBerry Messenger group but still read what others wrote during that time. RIM I leave this in your hands!

Update 2011.02.16 РI do know and I am aware that you can turn of all alerts for a specific BlackBerry Messenger Group. This is a nice feature under the group option but is a little cumbersome to get to. Other problem is you normally forget to turn it back on. I like the fact of a snooze button!


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