It’s The 21st Century And Phone Technology Sucks!

Am I the only one that is stuck on 20th¬†century¬†telephone technology? I live near Toronto and in the last 5 years we have been forced to start using 10¬†digit¬†dialing which includes the following (555) 555-5555. we used to be able to call people in our own area code with out needing to specify the area code. It was only a requirement to enter the area code if you were calling a number outside of your area code. Don’t get me wrong I have no problem typing in 3 more numbers to help my telephone company route my call¬†easier¬†but I just have a question…. why the heck do I need to? Seriously if I am calling someone else with the same area code why do you force me to type in those extra 3 numbers? Are your switches so old that it can’t tell this? I understand 100% when you need to call someone outside your area code¬†that you need to specify the area code for routing. Stop making my life more complicated with newer technology, it should be getting simpler.

My next beef is the requirement to put a 1¬†in front¬†of the number to make a long distance call. I forget this all the time because I work in one area and live in a different one. the two are long distance from each other. I must do this 10 times a day and I am greeted with¬†some recording that sounds like it was recorded in 1930 on a record “Were Sorry you must dial 1 or 0 plus the area code before the number you are dialing, will you please hang up and try your call again, this a recording” seriously?!?!?!?! “$^#%%$^#%$” I think I have lost my mind once hearing this. What¬†century¬†is my phone switching technology from? Why do they do this? Am I the only one that has this issue? Can you not record this so it does not sound like its being played from a record player in the next room?¬†I have Rogers as a cell phone provider and if I happen to dial a number that is long distance they actually have some smart engineers working for them that say hey we noticed this is a long distance call but you¬†didn’t¬†put a 1 in front of it. Just letting you know this is long distance but we will complete the call for you. I don’t have to do anything but stay on the line and my call is completed. Wow genius, thank you Rogers! Hey phone company take a note from a¬†company¬†that does it right. Holly crap is this too much to expect form the 21st¬†century?



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