RSHTOTF – BlackBerry App World Ideas

Kyle from BlackBerry Cool posted the other day an¬†article detailing how BlackBerry App World could/should receive an “Update All” button. This would allow you to press 1 button and it would update all your applications that have updates available. This¬†would be a great feature to bring to the application that¬†would¬†be¬†useful for most every day users. I personally love seeing the BlackBerry App World “Updates are available” icon in my notification bar or the red splat on the BlackBerry App World icon and playing the “I wonder what cool app that got updated, hope it’s not just Yellow Pages!” game while drilling into the My World page of BlackBerry App World. I open my installed application list and scroll, and scroll and scroll looking for that red text “An update is available” wait why am I scrolling?!? why do I have to look for what application has an update? Why is there not a¬†category¬†in the My World for “Available¬†Updates” It would be at the very top of the list and would only exist when updates are available for a application! This would make looking for what application has an update 10 times faster and¬†easier! I am one of those people with 60 plus applications installed and it’s a pain looking for the update indicator on one of them!


RIM lets make this easier on every one and add a Update All button at the top of this category like Kyle mentioned and below that a list of all applications that have updates available for people that want to manually install them!


RIM please feel free to take this idea and run with it.


The idea’s in your hand!


© Caspan 2011