BlackBerry Developers Listen Up!

One thing that drives me absolutely nuts is bad support! BlackBerry developers I have to say you are the worst for this this from what I have seen. When I pay for a application to support you and I have an issue with it and I email the support email address on BlackBerry App World I expect support. In almost every case so far I get responses like “Please visit our site FAQ section to solve your problem” Then it has no answer for me and there is no way to get help! This is frustrating as hell and every time this happens I want to take the program and scream “Are you fing kidding me?” Post a bad review for the company and uninstall it.


Case in point Endomondo has a really cool sports tracking program to use for tracking your workouts like Running or Biking or almost anything including Badminton. I was using the free version for quite some time and found out that I really do like this application and I would be willing to get some pro features and pay $3.99 for it. When I upgraded and signed into the pro version I found out that none of my existing history from the free version was accessible in the Pro version. It was like it was a brand new install. I though this was weird because I though the point of this application was it was all uploaded to the cloud and could be just pulled down when you sign into a device with your account information. So I emailed the support email address given to me by BlackBerry App World and I got this email:



This really pissed me off. I am already upset because I have a problem with your application so I do the right thing and email you the problem, and now you auto respond and want me to email the same address again! I understand why but do we really need to make people jump through hoops in this day and age. Read my email if you see it is a legit email asking for support and you need more information then email and ask for it!


Seriously stop being lazy and read the emails being sent to you! This is not the only company that does stuff like this or even just gives you a dead end auto responder that gives me no more options to contact someone. Very frustrating and in my opinion not acceptable. If you have a support email then you need to respond to it personally! if you want feed back then make a feed back email address so that people don’t get overwhelmed with feedback email in your support email box!



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