I Can Make Twitter 10 Times Better!

I was just thinking after hearing a Podcast about the state of Twitter housing over 75 Million users (most of them asleep at the mouse says PC World) One thing that I have heard mentioned many times before is how many of those accounts are just the same person with 4-5 accounts each for misspelling of their name, or for different offerings by the same company, for example ABC_News, ABC_User1, ABC_PR etc this list can go on forever. So because of this the number of account is not very accurate but is still a true count of accounts.

I see this happening a lot, for example BlackBerry has many accounts, One for the Blog site, one for Developers, one¬†just¬†for BlackBerry, one for Help etc… you can see a trend start to grow for each of these online presences. They are not the only one that does this for their Twitter account to show that it is¬†associated¬†with the company. So here is a wild idea.. you ready…. put names in front of the @ sign!!!!!!!!¬†Seriously taking the¬†BlackBerry¬†example you could register @BlackBerry as a company and then register Blogs@BlackBerry, Help@BlackBerry all under the top level account @BlackBerry. This would create¬†association¬†by having the name put under that top level account and allow more¬†definition¬†of what this account is about and how it is affiliated.

Most of you might be saying “But I only have¬†140 characters to type my message, that will eat into it!” yes and no and maybe a different option! Lets take BlackBerry Blogs as an example, their full Twitter account is¬†@BlackBerryBlog so what is the¬†difference¬†in character¬†count between “@BlackBerryBlog” and “Blog@BlackBerry” nothing! ¬†An even better example is when people put an underscore to¬†separate¬†the name of the company from the user name, this would free up 1 character EG. @XYZcompany_News old account name would now be News@XYZcompany. Next to this Twitter could¬†just¬†ignore all text¬†in front¬†of the @ and not count it against your 140¬†character count!

Just an idea!



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