More Sites Need To Pull Up Their Pants Like Engadget!

I saw one of the best posts today, Engadget blogged today “sit down and shut up, there is a new¬†sheriff¬†in town! You don’t¬†like¬†it? Well then you know¬†where¬†the door is!” I am paraphrasing of course but it is the just of it. I think this is exactly what the internet needs today. I like to make comments and correct people where information is wrong but with the internet the way it is today, you make one comment and you are harassed and more or less hit with mob¬†mentality of people that have nothing good to say but your opinion is wrong. There is something wrong with this style of thinking and acting! I am so glad to see on of the big sites out there step up and say “enough is enough” you want to call people names and be a little kid because they said¬†something¬†you don’t like…. well suck it up thats life. Engadget is one of the worst sites for this¬†because¬†there are so many people following them, I look at a post and I want to comment on and for the most part I don’t mainly because I don’t want to read a 1000 emails of other comments to other people saying stupid things and not adding to the conversation at all.


So I say good for you Engadget for standing up for what the people need, if only other sites like BGR could do this!



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