Wipe Your BlackBerry Including IT Policy!

If you manage a lot of¬†BlackBerry¬†devices for an enterprise or you are the local “Fix my BlackBerry” guy, you will come across a common problem of needing to remove an IT policy for a BlackBerry¬†after it has been disconnected from the BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES). For what ever reason a blank IT policy was not sent to the device before it was removed from BES, you switched to a new device which removed the old one from BES but leaves the IT policy in place, for consumers you may have bought a used BlackBerry that has an IT policy still on it. Whatever the reason is you want that damn IT policy gone!

If you have BlackBerry Desktop Software installed then you have all the tools to do this yourself with no BES server required or IT degree. If you look at the¬†KB article from RIM you can follow¬†Method 3 for PCs or Method 4 for MACs. I personally have had to do this 50 times and I always forget what the switch is or where the loader.exe is located or something that forces me to look up the KB article again. One other thing is this is a very permanent operation and there is no “are you sure?” question, the process starts and there is no stopping it! To make my job¬†easier¬†I decided to create a little batch script to do this for me which forces you to enter “BlackBerry” before¬†proceeding. It’s a nice little script that I thought I would share it with the world. You are free to use and modify this script in any way.



Save the following above text to a text file and save as “Wipe Device To Factory Defaults.cmd” Please note I am working on a 64 bit system so the path to my Program Files has a (x86) in it. If you are running on a 32 bit system you will need to remove the ” (x86)” from the path to get it to work. This is the only¬†modification¬†required and only if you are running this on a 32 bit system.




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