Excel 2003 Slow To Open Files From The Network!

Well for some reason today a user came to me with a strange issue, it seems that when they opened a xls file form the¬†network¬†drive that¬†it could take up to 7 minutes to open. YIKES! So I started with the usual suspects, I rebooted Windows with no luck, I tried¬†disabling¬†antivirus, still no luck. I tried from another users computer with the same result. I started to suspect the network switch because we had a scheduled power¬†outage¬†to repair some electrical at our¬†panel the night before. So I tried a test with a different machine from a different switch and I was able to open the file just fine. I tried again from my laptop on the switch I though was a problem and again the file¬†opened¬†just fine. My test ruled out the switch but I was using Office 2010 on my laptop and the end user was using Office 2003 so does not cross out all the suspects. Next thought….. I tried to copy the xls file to the users local machine and open locally, the file opened in seconds so now I was really scratching my head.

I grabbed a loner laptop with office 2003 on it and tested but no issues happened with it. So now I had ruled out Office 2003, the Switch, Server so it must be specific to only these 2 computers. I did some searching around on the web and found this article by Microsoft http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2570623 this described my problem to a T but I was still curious as to why it was only happening to 2 machines on the network and not the other 50. So I applied the fix they suggest which essentially makes 2 registry changes


More or less this reg file is turning off File Validation for Office. Once I made this change the the files could be opened with no issue or lag. I still have no idea why this would all of a sudden become a problem and only for 2 machines. That one is still a head scratcher, thanks again MS


Well I hope this helps you in your travels of your IT world that others call the office!



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