Hacking or Public Service?

So I have a¬†morel¬†questions for everyone, today I noticed a huge load on both our¬†Barracuda¬†Spam Firewall 300 and I started to do some digging and found an IP address that was¬†hammering¬†it. So I decided for fun I would type this IP into my browser. Much to my amazement a router logon came up with a model name listed. So I did about 3 seconds research and found out the default username and password and believe it or not I was in. I¬†couldn’t¬†believe how easy it was. Now I know the user has no idea they are sending out spam but have been infected somehow so it¬†would¬†not be fair to punish the user by doing something malicious, but I wanted to stop the spam. I noticed the user was using PPoE to authenticate to their ISP so I changed their username to “IT_SEEMS_YOU_HAVE_BEEN_HACKED_YOUR_SPAMMING” something short and to the point. After that I saved it and my fun was over as the router no longer had connection, so it seems like my change worked. I was proud of myself for doing this public service.


So my morel question is, did I do anything wrong?



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