– A new site!

So I have started to design my new site, I figured if I posted it here then I would be forced to actually get it done. What this site will be is a comparison app to compare BlackBerry devices against one another. It will be so simple it will be the of the best BlackBerry comparison tools out there.


What the site will include is a homepage with a list of all the devices in quick image format. You would click on a device and that will bring up the specs for that device. You will then be able to add that device to your compare list and then you can search for another device. Once you have your list with all the devices you want to compare then you click the option to show your list and it will show all the devices side by side so you can compare them. It will also include things like recent OS releases with email/RSS subscriptions to show you when the devices have been updated. There will be an option to email a link to your friend to show them the list as well so you can share the list you built and discuss the differances.


Eventually I will add other devices like Tablets and other manufacturers like Apple and Android, you might ask why but a lot of people want to know what is the difference between the iPhone 4 and the BlackBerry Bold 9900 if you cannot put them side by side then how can you compare them. This will be more of a version 2 thing for now I just want to get v1 up and running.


If you have any idea to make this site better pass it along and it just might make it into the v1 build.



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