My PlayBook Tray

If anyone knows me then they will know that “as it is” is not good enough for me. I always want to make things better and enjoy my devices that I have. I like to mod things a lot but not to the point of destroying something but more making accessories that will make it easier to use the device. Well I got my new PlayBook the other day and I found that I like to have it up on my desk at work so that I can see whats going on with things like Google Plus, CrackBerry etc… I decided instead of having it laying on my desk it would be nice to have it right above my monitor and make it like a 3rd screen.

I went to Home Depot and got a small tray that is meant for below chalk boards or white boards. it was about 4 feet long so I needed to cut it down to match the length on my laptop screen. One thing I wanted to be able to do was charge the PlayBook while sitting there so I took out my handy Dremel tool and I could out a nice rectangle out so that the charger could be used while laying there.

By the way my second monitor in the picture has an HDMI input for it and I can switch to that input when I want to to get my Playbook on my 20″ monitor. My next step is to fabricate it so you plug the PlayBook down to the connectors so you don’t have to manually plug it in as I do now.

Total cost of the project $10 CDN and about 1 Hour of time

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