Why The Hell Do They Make Pliers Like This!?!

¬†As of today my new favorite thing to hate is a nice pair a good pliers. As a guy that likes to do stuff with my hands and also mod stuff once in a while, the set of pliers is my tool of choice. Pliers make the job so much¬†easier¬†and there are a million uses for them. Well yesterday I¬†pinched¬†the side of my finder for about the 100th time in my life from using pliers like the one in the picture. Now you might say “well I guess you were using them wrong!” maybe you are right or maybe you are wrong, but I hate these damn things for their design. If you look just under the¬†pivot¬†point you will see the manufacture decided to put a set of teeth at the back. So when you are doing a full grip on these and they slip guess what part of you is right in that exact point? That’s right your finger, and it gets crushed and it¬†hurts¬†like punching the sun. I do get why they put the teeth there, it is normally because this is the best pressure point closet to the pivot of the pliers normally used for crimping something and needed to be on the other side but to make it multi functional¬†they¬†put cutters there. So let me recap, they put it there because it is the best crushing point!!!!! The¬†excess¬†skin on my finger¬†just¬†got crushed by the best possible crushing point of the tool. Thanks who ever came up with this idea! I will never buy a pair of pliers again that have this!



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