PlayBook OS 2 New Features Found

So here are some of the cool new things I have found with OS 2 for the PlayBook:


    • My BlackBerry Bridge works 100% with 0 issues connecting to Bridge applications. FYI I have a 64 GB PlayBook that is¬†bridged¬†to a white 9810.
    • For some reason my WiFi will not turn off even though I tell it to this has to be a beta issue for sure. Problem is that I cannot test yet to see if internet works through BlackBerry Bridge, Will update soon. Update On the way home not close to any WiFi spot my internet over bridge did work. Now this says nothing really because all my Bridge Applications work so why¬†shouldn’t¬†it!
    • When you have windows minimized you can only see¬†1 full window and half of each windows to either side. It no longer¬†does¬†that¬†carousel¬†kind of thing¬†where¬†the side¬†windows¬†are smaller then the main window. If you see by the screen shots all windows are the same size now. I think they did this to conform the look so they are the same from portrait to landscape.
      Old Open AppsOld Open Apps
    • AppWorld has a different background, from what I remember it use to be those¬†blurred¬†lights the same as when you booted the PlayBook.
      New App World BackgroundNew App World Background
    • New error for browser (these kind of look like the errors when bridge cannot connect that I have seen)
    • New¬†colours and images for the boot screen, they kind of look the same but they are a lot bigger and different in a way. I cant explain it they just are, maybe I will take a video to show the best. Update (I have a video but for some reason Vimeo keeps failing on the upload. I will get it up ASAP)
    • Some people had wondered how many panels you could have, I was able to get to 77 new panels and the dots just kept going off the screen in landscape mode. I have to imagine that in a final release that there would be at least ¬†limit of 40 at maximum as this fills the screen in portrait mode. Also you can keep icons going off the bottom of the screen still in both folders and in regular mode.
    • I know I read someone asked if a user can tap the dots at the top to go to that pane and the answer is no you cant and those dots are way to small to do it¬†anyway.
    • You can create a folder by droping 2 icons ontop of each other. If you hold the icon over an existing folder you can then place the icon where you want inside that folder (kid of buggy still though).
    • For some reason you can delete the power off application.
    • There is now a tab in settings for your BlackBerry ID
    • When taking a screen shot (hold volume up and volume down at the same time when not¬†bridged) there is now a camera shutter sound yeahhhh. Oh also someone reminded me that the sound of the shutter is variable based on your volume. So if you have your volume low then you will not hear the shutter. Again upon confirming this is also now present in 1.0.7
    • For some reason when I connect with my USB I cannot get my files drive to show up. A 48 MB drive that is CDFS shows up that allows you to install drivers for the PlayBook but none of my files.
    • You can tap the left side of the slider bar also to make it go up and down. It is like there is an invisible chevron like on the right side.¬†Might this points to user mappable buttons so you can chose what side the open close chevron is on? I just tested on 1.0.7 and this is also present on this¬†version. No¬†idea¬†why its there bit it is on both version.
    • You can close folder boxes also on the right hand side of the folder again almost like there is a hidden x in the corner. Again¬†maybe¬†this points to user mappable buttons so you can chose what side the folder the close button is on?
    • Keyboard Changes. I have created a image of the old keyboard and then new one over it and created some transparency so you can see just what the¬†difference¬†is from one to the other.
    • Kevin @ CrackBerry was mad about headers and RIM not sending the proper heards will be quite happy to know that this OS build sends the following header:
      Mozilla/5.0 (PlayBook; U; RIM Tablet OS 2.0.0; en-US) AppleWebKit/535.1+ (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/ Safari/535.1+ which means that it is¬†announcing¬†itself as its own browser! Update It seems that the old browser also¬†announces¬†itself¬†properly so it seems Kevin’s issue is only with the hand helds.
    • Reader Mode: It seems the the browser now has¬†something¬†called reader mode. There is a little book in the top right hand corner of the browser that when pressed gives you just a text version of the site. Kind of cool.

    • HTML 5 Test on the browser
    • FYI I just tried to install the New York Times Crosswords puzzle¬†and got the following error:
    • I just noticed that in the old OS when you¬†navigate¬†to your device VIA WiFi that you were able to see 2 folders “Media” and “Certs” once you tried to open one then you were prompted for credentials. With the new OS you are prompted first before seeing anything.
    • Also Jason in the below message has mentioned that there is less free memory in the new OS and I have confirmed this in the screen shots below. In the newer OS you have less free room, this is beta so lets just hope this is a beta issue only :)
    • I have had some requests to check and see if A2DP is working and I am afraid to say so far the answer is no. If you look at the 2 screen shots below you can see that it¬†recognizes¬†my 655+ as a headset and microphone but under services it has none listed so this means of the services that the headset supports the PlayBook does not support any of them. Now this is a hands free device I will still try on my car stereo and double check.
Bugs that I have found to be fixed so far:
  • When I drive my BlackBerry is always Bluetooth connected to my stereo for streaming music or podcasts.¬†When¬†I got my PlayBook I noticed that if I left it on that it seemed to cause my streaming music to my car stereo to blip every so often, maybe once a minute. It was really annoying and meant that if wanted to listen to music or podcasts in my car I had to turn my PlayBook off.
What has not been fixed as of this release yet
  • Ability to listen to music form your BlackBerry over Bridge File Browser
  • Ability to watch 3GP videos from your BlackBerry over Bridge File Browser
  • Message indicator says I have 5 new message and then I click on indicator and the message pops up “You have no notifications”
If there is anything else you would like to see please let me know by posting below.


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