How to properly remove the PlayBook from the BlackBerry Rapid Charging Stand

Okay maybe I am stupid but thought I would share my moment with everyone and help people that didn’t know like me how to remove there PlayBook from there BlackBerry Rapid Charging Stand properly.

If you have a BlackBerry Rapid Charging Stand you might have notice it uses a very strong earth magnet in it to keep it connected. The problem? It’s so strong you can’t pull your PlayBook off it without using 2 hands, you have to hold the stand with one hand and pull the PlayBook off with the other hand. Well I don’t know if I didn’t read the instructions or I am just slow some days but I just found a really easy way to remove your PlayBook from the charging stand by accident.

I was grabbing for something behind it and my hand hit the top as I brought it back. The device fell forward and off the stand. Light bulb moment! So to get the PlayBook easily off the stand just tilt it forward which causes the PlayBook to separate from the magnet and easy as pie it disconnects with one hand! I love the stand even more now! Hope this helps everyone.



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