How Does Apple Think They Have A Good Email Device?

Okay I have to let off a bit of steam here, Apple devices that run iOS have to be the most useless pieces of crap I have ever used in my life! People want to know why I use a BlackBerry, because they work and they work well when it comes to the complicated stuff. To setup email on the BlackBerry BIS site takes a whole 30 seconds. I am not joking I can have an email address setup on a users device in less then 1 minute. I type in the email address, I type in the password and the BIS site just figures out the rest and in a matter of seconds.

For Christmas both my kids received iPods, obviously I love BlackBerry devices but they are not for the younger generation but only because they¬†don’t¬†need a phone and the device is just a MP3 player with games. Currently iOS and the apps available for it are the best choice right now for my kids and I can admit that. But I am so frustrated right now I want to take this 2 devices and throw them out the window as far as I can. Someone needs to go to Apple and show these retard¬†engineers¬†how broken their email setup application is. I mean really, I am an IT professional and I do this for a living and every time I setup one of my kids email on their iPod I want to bend it in two and throw it in the garbage. First of all even if you have all the information correct it takes over 10 minutes for the device to verify that information and confirm the account? So even though you type the information in correctly it’s a sit and wait game! Not to mention the information you need to submit after like your outgoing SMTP settings.¬†What¬†ever¬†happened¬†to a simple check box “Use the same login as my incoming server” that has been used for 10 years in Outlook! And do not make a mistake or else you will sit there for up to 10 minutes while iOS does god knows what to verify your account¬†just¬†to tell you something is¬†wrong. Does Apple really think they understand the customer when they make such a vital application that sucks this bad. Has not one of these people used this and thought “What a piece of shit!?!”. I can’t imagine how people who have very little computer knowledge must feel when they setup their email on their device.

Apple this is the reason and many more like this that you will never win in the end. Such ignorance is the reason why you will never have a proper place in business. Sure you have your hipsters that think they can change the world because Mr Rogers told them they could, but once they get a taste of why people are¬†using¬†other devices those numbers will shrink. Sure you have your zombie followers in North America but this is a big world and you are loosing the fight everywhere else and you wonder why….


Chalk up another fail for Apple iOS!



© Caspan 2012