Laugh For The Day – RIM Security

So I had to laugh today when I¬†realized¬†that RIM is¬†just¬†secure no matter what. I have a small batch script that I use for¬†wiping¬†devices after a user returns them (Wipe Your BlackBerry Including IT Policy) I was using my nice little script today and I had to laugh because I normally know the¬†password¬†for the device because I reset it from BES when I receive the device back. In this one case today I did not reset the password before deleting it from BES so I had no clue what the device password was. When I ran my script for doing a factory reset the thing that popped up was “Password: 1/7” . Essentially it was saying you better know the¬†password¬†to run this wipe command or else after 7¬†password¬†tries the device will self wipe. ¬†A little funny but thank you RIM for being secure to the point that it’s funny sometimes :)



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