SharePoint Content Query Tool and Calendars – Deleted Items Still Show

I help to administer a Sharepoint 2007 for our organization (I say help but I am the only one). We use to have a developer that would do¬†customization¬†to the home page and add widgets that¬†would¬†pull information for different parts of the site. One of these cool widgets was one that pulled the next 3 birthdays from¬†the¬†corporate calendar and displayed them on the home page. Yesterday it was brought to my attention that a user that is no longer with the¬†organization¬†had their birthday still showing up on the home page. After investigation I found that the users Birthday event was still in the Corporate calendar. I clicked on the event and once open clicked the delete icon. This should solve the issue, well it¬†didn’t, the user birthday still continued to show on the home page. I spent 2 hours just figuring out how this birthday¬†information¬†is pulled to the home page using a¬†Content Query Tool webpart. I looked at the query information and everything looked fine. No¬†amount¬†of tinkering seemed to do anything, I thought that maybe¬†the¬†item was marked in¬†the¬†database as deleted and maybe I needed to filter based on the deleted field. Only after I did some¬†research¬†on how the calendar entries were stored in the database did a¬†light bulb¬†go on. I found that¬†SharePoint¬†stores¬†reoccurring¬†items in the database as just one item. If you delete just one¬†occurrence¬†then an exception is added and the¬†calendar¬†does not show it. For some reason this made me realize I only deleted the occurrence¬†and not the series. So I decided to check next year on¬†the¬†same date and sure enough the users birthday was still listed. So when I opened this item I chose “Edit Series” at the top and then once I was dealing with the series I clicked the delete icon. Once the series was gone all my problems went away.


Now why¬†the¬†Content Query Tool does not know how to deal with calendar items and exceptions to series I have no clue about but I¬†believe¬†it is a bug. So I just thought I would help someone else out if they were having the same issues where they are pulling¬†calendar¬†items and you are dealing with¬†reoccurring¬†items and they¬†don’t¬†seem to delete properly.



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