BlackBerry Z10 ProClip Mount in 2013 Mazda CX-5

I got myself the ProClip for my BlackBerry Z10 the other day and I just thought I would share with everyone how it is and what it looks like.¬†I am very impressed with the build¬†quality¬†of the mount. It is very solid and very nice looking. The cost of the mounts are a little pricey but you do get what you pay for. I have a CX-5 and only have 2 solutions to chose from, I could mount on the A¬†pillar¬†or and a vent clip in the middle dash. I chose to go for the A¬†pillar¬†as this would put my device right at eye level where quick glances to it could satisfy my curiosity. The¬†installation¬†was very easy and straight forward, I did note that the mount was not just as simple as a firm press to get it into place but more of a holly crap I’m going to break something if I press harder. ¬†Once it was in place it was very firm. I installed the holder for my BlackBerry¬†Z10 will little to no effort but was scared because I¬†tightened¬†the one screw way to much and¬†stripped¬†the thread. The other 3 holes held still and the mount was very firm. I could not believe how firm when driving and trying to read a message from the screen. I am use to those goose neck ones and the vibrations were¬†extreme¬†by the time it reached the phone making it bounce all around. I was very pleased with this purchase after install. I was worried about one thing though, my partner has a white BlackBerry¬†Z10 and the back is not the same as the black BlackBerry¬†Z10. When I tried to place her device in the holder was not as tight of a fit as¬†the¬†black one. SO it looks like BlackBerry has changed the dimensions of the back doors on the devices between the two materials they are made from. Next to that this is a really good mount and well worth the month.

Part Number for ProClip

  • CX-5 Mount –¬†804782
  • BlackBerry Z10 –¬†511447


  • No suction-cup¬†marks on my windshield
  • Build quality is amazing
  • Device does not vibrate around
  • Opening for charging
  • 360 degree¬†swivel with 20 degree tilt


  • Expensive, just under $90 with shipping and taxes to Ontario
  • Does not fit the White BlackBerry Z10 as tight (Not ProClips fault) It still fits but¬†just¬†not as snug.
  • Install was not as simple as describe as just “snapping it in” I really had to use¬†some¬†strength to get the top clip by the window to snap in.

Final Conclusion
The mount was well worth the money spent. I have no regrets yet and since installing I have put in a dedicated micro USB cable from my battery that fits perfectly in the slot left in the A pillar with the mount. I would recommend this to anyone that would like a professional looking mount for their device.


If you have any questions about the BlackBerry Z10 and the ProClip mount please feel free to ask below!

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