How to delete an unread BBM message

We have all done it at one point in time, we’re busy or distracted and we send a message to the wrong BBM contact. This kind of thing normally only causes confusion or causes people to send you back a few ???? This is typical of the fast paced technology age we live in now, and is almost expected. But what happens when you send a very private or personal message to the wrong person? What if you send a very embarrassing picture to the wrong contact? With BBM the second you see that grey check mark you are about out of options. There is the option of driving to their location, grab their phone and delete the message before they can read it! Most likely that option is a not going to happen, you have to wait for the dreaded green R to show up and wait for the “WTH!!!” message back. This is very embarrassing and could even cost you your job or a client.


So how do we retract a message that has not been read so you can save yourself the embarrassment? Simple…. delete the contact that you sent the message to. It really is that simple! When you delete a contact off BBM you are saying “I don’t want to contact them so they can’t contact me” and you are removed from their BBM list….. including history or any read or unread messages. Now this is not exactly a stealth method of doing this as they will noticed that you deleted them, but I would rather come up with an excuse as to why I deleted them then deal with the embarrassment of them seeing a private picture. If they are a friend you could tell them the truth and the would most likely laugh you would re-add each other and you can breath a sign of relief.


Now this method will work the same even if they did see the message. If they have already read the message or seen the picture, then the damage has already been done. If it was a photo then you have to worry did they save it? or could they re-share it? show it to other people? If you delete the contact fast enough before they can think to save it or resend it then it will prevent them doing anything else.


Hopefully you will never need to use this but it is always good to know you have a choice if something did ever happen. Just another tool to add to your tool belt and I hope it saves you some day!


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