Beat The Heat – Life Hack For Your Cats!

So I am in transition, I bought a new place this summer but I cannot move in until October. This means finding a temporary place for the summer. I found a nice apartment on the top floor, the heat is killing me! The other day I looked down and saw both of my cats flat on the tile floor in the hallway. Man if I find this weather hot I cannot imagine how they feel. So I set out to find a way to help them. For a few days I was putting ice cubes in their water bowl in the morning. This was okay but they quickly melted. Then I thought of a great idea that I saw once for keeping your lunch cold, freezing water in a zip lock, I took it a step further and decided to use balloons this way it would stand up and the cats could lick it. After looking on the net a few others have also had this idea so I cannot take credit for being the first but my cats love me for it.

Check out the video of the first morning, it didn’t take one more then 20 seconds for her to realize what this was!

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