BES12 – Android for Work with the BlackBerry Priv

Q: Do I have to have a specific version of BES to use AFW?
A: Yes you must be on BES 12.2 or higher to use AFW.

Q: Where do sign up for my Google For Work Domain so we can use AFW?
A: no idea why but its hard to find this link!!

Q: Why do I have to sign my company domain up for a google for Work Domain?
A: This is like asking do i have to sign up to Google to use Google Drive or Gmail. You have to have a Google account to use their services including AFW. What you are doing by creating an Admin account on Google for you domain is so BES can create users on it to use Google Services using their work email address. Kind of like if you wanted to use Google Drive personally you would have to sign up for the service, if you already have a Google account you just use that address and add the service, if you didn’t have a Google account yet you would sign up for one then and then add the service to your account. Having a Google for Work Domain is doing the same thing but for your work email and giving your IT admins access to help you if you forget your password or push out Google apps to you if your company uses Google Apps for Work!

Q: Simply, how does the process work to setup AFW on a device?
A: Sign up for a Google Domain using the link above, Get BES server to talk to your Google domain, Make IT policy if you want different for Android, Create an activation policy that includes AFW, Approve apps for installing on Device, install AFW app and BES12 Client App, Activate the Device! ITS JUST THAT SIMPLE LOL

Q: Can I use AFW if we are hosting our own email system or do we have to have email hosted with Google to use AFW?
A: You are not required to use any Google service to use AFW, you can use your own internally or externally hosted Exchange server and use it with AFW.

Q: Will my work email and my personal email show up in the same HUB just like it used to in BB10?
A: Yes with AFW you will be able to see your work email on the HUB just like in BB10 with the proper setting. You will have to push down an email profile and have it state that it can be shared with the personal side of the device. This requires that you install the HUB application on the work side of the device though or else you will get errors when you click an email.

Q: Do I need to push down an email profile for AFW to work in the HUB?
A: No you are not required to push down an email profile for AFW to work in the HUB. If you allow it VIA IT policy the user can add their account manually that they wish to the work side of the device. Settings > Accounts > you will see at the bottom a “Work” profile you can add account under. Any account created under this “Work” section will be removed when you remove the work side of the device from BES. Pushing down a profile will just allow the user to easily setup their work email account by only needing to enter their password.

Q: How does the Google Play Store work on the work side of the device?
A: The BES administrator must search for and add approved apps to the BES server and then place them in a Folder that is approved for AFW and assign that to the user. The user will then see only apps that are approved to be installed on the work side of the device.

Q: What is BlackBerry Secure Connect Plus (BSCP)?
A: This is an app that is installed on the work side of your device that creates a persistent connection back to the BES12 server. Kind of like what we had on BB10 OS and MDS. This will force all work apps to use this tunnel before going out to the web. If you are not at work , and you install Google Chrome in AFW and you go to you will notice it will come out as the same IP as the BES server would if it talked to the internet. If you do the same on your personal Google Chrome you will get the IP address from your carrier or the ISP the WiFi is connected to. All traffic will proxy through your BES12 server for all work apps. This allows for custom apps to be installed that need to be inside the work network or VPN to function to now seemlesly work. If there are certain site that are only accessible from inside your work then the AFW browser would allow you to access those sites.

Q: What kid of licensing do I need to use AFW?
A: There are two different ways of using AFW, with and withouth BSCP (BlackBerry Secure Connect Plus). If you want the secure connection back to the BES server then you need to use Gold – Flex license, If you want to just use AFW with out BSCP it requires just a simple Silver license.

Q: Can the work side of my device see the personal side of my device or vice versa?
A: From what I can tell, No! Testing with ES File Explorer I create a test folder in the “Downloads” root folder on the internal memory from the personal side and the work side could not see it. When I saved a file in the work’s “Downloads” folder the personal side could not see it. This is complete separation of church and state so to speak! All data saved on the work side of the device is removed when work side is deleted.

Q: Can you have the same app installed on the work side of the device as the personal side of the device?
A: Yes it is possible to have the same app installed twice. For instance I have two version of Google Chrome installed. This allows Apps on the work side to interact with work data and work networks. This also means that you can have BBM for work and for personal!!

Q: Does AFW cost anything?
A: AFW is free for any enterprise to use. The only thing that costs money is if you want to use Google Apps for Work which there are costs per user to use their applications like Google Drive, Gmail etc…

Q: What process does activation require for AFW?
A: You will need to download AFW app form the Google Play Store. You would then download the BES12 Client. You activate the user by entering their email and BES12 password, after this the AFW setup will take over. It will create an account for the user on the Google service and give them a temporary Google password via email. After this all your IT policy information will be applied to the device. it is quite painless then. If you look in the App Drawer you will now see some apps with briefcases on them.

Q: If a user has a paid app on the personal side can they install it on the work side for free?
A: The Google Play for Work is tied to your work email address so if you paid for your app using your personal email address there is no way for Google to know you have already paid for the app. You will need to pay for it again for use on the work side of your device.

Q: What does the “Divide Productivity” app do?
A: Divide Productivity is an app from Google that they recently acquired this year, It is just a suite of work apps that give you email, calendar, notes, contacts, etc that are supplied from Google.

Q: Do I have to install Divide Productivity?
A: They suggest this app when you need to have a work apps to do all your day to day work stuff. These apps are the same as the built in apps to a native Android OS like Nexus use. So if you are very familiar with those apps and like them then this app would be good for you. If you use the HUB and the built in BlackBerry apps for managing email, contacts, calendar, etc then you do not need to install this app. It is more meant for people that don’t have default set of apps.

Q: None of the Apps I have approved are showing up for the users in Google Play for Work?
A: Go to [url][/url] log in with your admin account, ook at the Apps for my organization. If you see your apps listed there then they are approved buy might not be provisioned properly on BES to the user. Go to BES12. Check under the “Apps” section that your apps have been added to a folder that is approved for Android for Work (you should see a little briefcase on the folder) They must be under a folder from what I have seen. Check the user to see what apps have been applied to them to ensure the user has access to the apps. I create 2 folders normally once called mandatory AFW Apps and Optional AFW apps this way apps that have to be installed are and they are give the option for there rest!

Q: After installing Android for Work I cannot seem to open Attachments, is there a reason for this?
A: The point of Android for Work is to create a separation of personal data and work data. Really what you are doing when you install AFW is creating a brand new blank install of Android with 0 apps installed. So if you can imagine installing Windows and then going to Gmail and trying to open a Word doc you would be faced with the same issue. You will have to install apps on the work side of your device to handle the extensions that you want to open. This is by design! I normally install the BlackBerry apps for Calendar, Notes, Tasks etc

Q: I am not getting Calendar reminders or task reminders?
A: You will have to install apps on the work side of your device to handle these work tasks. I normally install the BlackBerry apps for Calendar, Notes, Tasks etc

If there are any other question you have to help you with deciding if Android for Work is right for you. I will add any good question to this original post as I found it so hard to find someone else that had setup AFW on the Priv.

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