Other Caspan Sites

bbref.ca – It stands for BlackBerry Reference, I needed a location that would just give me the specs I am looking for on a device and nothing more. I found lots of sites that had lots of advertising and banners and popups. I personally don’t like it when people show you data that is free and available to the world and then try to make money off it! So in my usual fashion I decided to create my own site and populate the data as I found it and make it free and clean! Please use this site for referencing anything about BlackBerry device specs. And please if you see any mistakes let me know!

3bit.ca – Because I needed a tool to share files and messages that would self destruct. Anything uploaded to this site will self explode after 7 minutes (420 seconds). Use it for posting temporary images for IRC or Discord chats or for moving files to and from a server that has no USB ports