RSHTOTF! – Magnetic Car Mount For The BlackBerry

I though for the first few posts I would post some of my content that I have shared with other forums. one of the series was because of my close ties with work and BlackBerry devices I come up with small little ideas the just seem to help with the everyday use of the device.

For the first episode I decided to showcase my existing idea that was already in use. I was frustrated and broke and wanted an easy solution to just kick snap my phone to the dash of my car for GPS and just close proximity to be used easily while driving. Yes I do know it’s illegal now but that’s what stop lights are for right?? It was a very simple design the didn’t take much money or planning to make.

Item Purchased:

1x Satellite Radio Window Mount – $9.99

2x Earth Magnets – $1.50 each

2x Thin Washers – $0.10 each

I took a drill and drilled out holes on the flat face plate of the window mount big enough to place the earth magnets in them. I super glued the magnets in place so they were flush with the surface. I then placed 2 small thin washers in the back of the battery cover. I held them in place with some spray glue.

The movie below hosted on YouTube shows the final product. I have put some non-slip material to finish it off since the video was made.

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